What Kind of Lifestyle Do You Want?

I’m not sure if you’ve had the same observations as I have lately, but it seems everywhere I turn there’s another pregnant lady! Many of my friends and clients are expecting or have had a child in recent months and this kind of event naturally sparks discussions about housing. When to move, where to move, space needs, etc. A conversation yesterday I had with a friend who has a 4-week old adorable baby boy inspired me to write this post. They’ve lived in Clarendon for years, the ability to walk around everywhere you need is what their current lifestyle was based around. But now that they have a baby and a dog, she’s started asking me about housing, age of homes, space, pricing, and such both in Arlington and in neighboring areas. Here’s the advice I gave her:

1. You have to consider what kind of lifestyle you want. Do you want to continue with your current location, something familiar, something you’re adjusted to, or do you want something more suburban?

2. Do you want a house, even if it’s smaller, in your preferred location, or would you rather get a bigger house but move out farther?

3. Where do schools come into play with your house hunt?

4. Do you want a fixer upper? Do you want something turn key? What is your level of comfort for work required and your time constraints?

5. With financing, you now have additional costs – a baby, child care, etc. Do you want something that stretches your budget but may get you a bigger house, or do you want to trade in size and value for price?

There’s a lot to consider, but I am happy to help you go through your options! Email or call me anytime: Laura@TheLJRGroup.com or 703.283.6120