An Inside Look at the Homeless in Arlington

100 Homes for 100 Homeless

I had the opportunity to Volunteer with Arlington County this week to help with their 100 Homes for 100 Homeless Campaign, which hopes to end homelessness in Arlington. It’s a remarkable organization and herculean effort to be part of the national campaign to find 100,000 homes for 100,000 homeless. Some of the facts blew my mind, such as 1 in every 100 people in Los Angeles is homeless. In Arlington County, our population is just over 200,000 and they estimate we have about 200 homeless in Arlington – 1 out of every 1,000. Seems like a small number doesn’t it? As if finding shelter and homes for 200 people wouldn’t be that hard?

Think again.

Groups of people go out between 330am-6am all over Arlington County to find these people and to identify the ones who are most in need of shelter, homes, and health care. The goal is to reduce chronic homelessness in Arlington by 50% by July 2013. They bring back surveys to people who enter them into a national and local database to help identify people later on.

They’ll be making announcements about the results of the week and how many people were helped. Make sure to visit their website, their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter (@100HomesArl).

Want to Volunteer in Arlington? There are so many opportunities to help the community, check Volunteer Arlington for more information.

If you need information on finding housing, here are a number of options:

Affordable Housing Units

Section 8

Housing Grants